We see Wildliving as a pilot-project, showing an example on how a sustainable future in harmony with Mother Earth could look like. Our wish is that it becomes an inspiration for similar projects in many more places which can be adapted to fit local habitats and bioregions. View our vision and mission statements here :)


When we give space to healing, finding deep trust and nourishment again, we start to feel safe and alive and we begin to act in a way which is instrinsically natural for us. We become the change we were longing for and we find ourselves in a web of connection, experiencing oneness and meaning. With Wildliving we want to create a ground for wildlife and clanlife, for healing and learning, to grow stronger and restore the health of our planet together. We imagine a network of cooperations and partners, walking this path together.

As tribal communities on a land area we wish to invite people to learn how living in balance with different species could look like - and to spread the understanding and beauty of rewilding (ourselves). We like to share and exchange gifts and learnings with others around the world, in order to fuel the birth and sustainment of projects alike.

During all processes we want to follow our hearts and let our actions be guided by love and wisdom. We wish that our vision comes true through abundance, life-energy and joyful strength rather than through the effort of making something fit into what we are dreaming of.

At the moment work is in progress on the webpage - creating texts, pictures and a video which depict our ideas. The team wants to found a NGO and we are looking for a shared living-base to be able to walk naturally and connected the next steps with Wildliving. Also we are both looking for cooperation partners and people/ projects who could support us in the fields of rewilding, creating a wild living culture, financial and juridical issues.

Regarding our integrity, we do our best to live our vision in sunly life. Step by step we exchange our current practices with the ones we are dreaming of. From a loving attitude accompanying all of our actions, over living together the Circle Way and travelling by walking/ with horse to green web-hosting etc. we constantly come closer to a fully nourishing and joyous Way of Living.