"We dream of a world flourishing with diversity of all beings living in balance."

Imagine a vast landscape, with meadows, forests, lakes and rivers, full of life. Meadows, with a rich, colorful diversity of flowers and insects. Forests, returning to their former majesty, with old trees, leafy trees and deadwood, home to many endangered species. Clean lakes and rivers, teaming with fish, birds, otters and beavers. With plenty of larger wildlife roaming the landscape, like deer, moose, wild boar, herds of bison, wild horses and rewilded cattle, and large predators like wolf, lynx and bear. Little huts appear here and there, the smell of dried herbs and the laughter of children are filling the air. A wooden canoe silently floats on a lake and forest gardens along the shore enrich the biodiversity, providing food for more than the human family. People sit together tanning and crafting, gathering and brewing medicines. In the evening the calls of the owl mix with the dances and songs around the small fires.. The peaceful and loving atmosphere, full of strong life force, is the nourishing ground for health and happiness of all these beings.

Sometimes a group of people, coming from the Wildliving Visitor and Information Center, walks the small trail through the forest. Welcomed and guided they are invited into a world of natural connectivity and learning..


A glimpse into the world our ancestors once knew. Life in connection with ourselves, eachother and the Greater Circle, the spiritual and natural world. In awareness and acknowledgment, in honour and respect, with joy and gratitude we live the beauty each of us is and we all together are. For this moment - and for the future generations.


"With returning to our intrinsic role as human in the web of life, we create a thriving Earth together with all beings."

Following the rise of modern civilization, a big part of Earth's biodiversity has declined. Many of our planets ecosystems are at imminent risk of loosing their ability to uphold the essential functions that we as humans deeply rely upon for our existence. This is not (only) about saving nature, it is about saving ourselves. The Earth will eventually recover from our damage, but we might not be a part of that future. We can change the outcome, but our window of opportunity is closing.


Our mission is to create an experimental project where we explore how humans could live as an integrated part of a natural ecosystem, finding again our lost role as a key species. Just as the beaver, wolf or bison has its unique role in creating spaces for many other lifeforms to thrive, we too play an important part in creating a diverse, living landscape. We aim to become indigenous once more, finding our roots and truth again, our wisdom and vitality. Cooperating with native communities around the world will help us to get a better insight and support similar Ways of Life. Together with experts we will explore what it means to create a new culture just out of living our intrinsic nature.

As we envision huge rewilded areas, we support the reintroduction of endangered species, giving them space to regenerate and repopulate the landscape. We want to cooperate with rewilding projects as well as serve as a scientific research project regarding rewilding and its impact on land and people.

We see it as our duty to share experience and knowledge gained through The Wildliving Project and imagine building up a visitorcenter where you can learn about the relationships of all beings on this planet to eachother, about wildlife and the ecosystem, about indigenous lifestyle and rewilding yourself. With former education and training and/or guides accompanying you are welcomed to visit the rewilded areas with the communities inhabiting it. We want to inspire people and hold a frame for an experience different to what most people are used to.


..soon you can read more about the clan- and wildlife we imagine, get to know the future scenario through visual images and meet Wildliving in the upcoming film :) Stay updated!


With creating Supporting Circles we can help eachother out and sustain The Wildliving Project. We imagine a financial circle (foundation) to keep the project alive and a circle taking care of the whole organisation (NGO) and publicity. Also we see a supporting circle composed of experts and advisors for each of the following topics:


* wildlife (rewilding and survey on the development)
* clanlife (support to build up and sustain a healthy community)

* "self"-life (therapists, trauma-specialists, psychological researchers)